Boards and Committees

As a nonprofit organization, ArtsQuest is led by volunteers who serve in a variety of capacities on the Boards and Committees that support the organization’s mission. The traditional definition of a leadership volunteer is someone who offers “time, talent and treasure”, based upon his/her/their abilities.

ArtsQuest is an inclusive environment welcoming diverse and creatively talented civic leaders whose skills and engagement will enhance the community ArtsQuest serves. The board has been established to provide guidance and oversight, holding ArtsQuest accountable to achieve its goals, to operate in accordance with the local, state and federal legislations for nonprofit organizations, to improve internal and external operations and to ensure adequate financial resources. The operational responsibilities and duties related to the implementation is incumbent on the staff. The variety of board member responsibilities requires a well-established and advised board with diverse backgrounds, skills and suitable expertise.

  • determining mission and purpose
  • ensuring effective planning
  • monitoring programs and services
  • ensuring adequate financial resources and providing financial oversight
  • building competent and diverse boards
  • ensuring legal and ethical integrity
  • enhancing the organizations’ public standing

ArtsQuest strives to match the interest and skill sets of leadership volunteers with the Board or Committee that has the greatest need for those skills. If you are interested in becoming engaged with the Organization please submit an application or contact Joann Lee, Vice President of Administration, Risk Management and Board Relations. We encourage you to explore the Boards and Committees described to determine the best experience for you.

Board and Committee Descriptions

ArtsQuest Board Structure

ArtsQuest Board of Trustees and Committees

ArtsQuest Program & Subsidiary Boards and Committees

ArtsQuest Foundation

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Board Governance Manual

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