ArtsQuest Program Boards and Committees

ArtsQuest offers over 4,000 programs annually in diverse artistic formats. ArtsQuest supports community driven arts and cultural programming through three program boards: Levitt Pavilion SteelStacks; Performing Arts and Visual Arts. All program boards have these primary functions:

  1. To evaluate programs in disciplines for which they are responsible.
  2. To develop and review new programming concepts in arts and cultural disciplines for which they are responsible, regardless of where generated.
  3. To reach out to the community to seek appropriate third party or partnership programming that is consistent with ArtsQuest’s mission and can be incorporated into ArtsQuest programs or facilities.
  4. To encourage and assist staff with the incorporation of education elements in programs wherever possible.
  5. To understand and assist with the financial responsibility for developing and sustaining current and future programs.


ArtsQuest Performing Arts Board

This board is responsible for performing arts programs including music, dance, film, theatre, comedy and multi-disciplinary programs. For ArtsQuest purposes, literary, poetry and spoken word programs are included within this board’s responsibilities. Meets 10 times per year.
Staff liaison: Patrick Brogan; Chair: Lori Roberts

Music Arts Committee
The Music Arts Committee reviews music and various entertainment submissions made to ArtsQuest and makes recommendations to programming staff on both quality and appropriate venues or events for their potential inclusion. Meets 8-10 times per year.
Staff liaison: Patrick Brogan

Cinema Arts Committee
The Cinema Arts Committee makes recommendations and provides feedback on programming for the Frank Banko Alehouse Cinemas and any other movie related programming at ArtsQuest venues and events. Meets 6 times per year.
Staff liaison: Anthony DeSanctis; Chair: Ann Knerr

Comedy Arts Committee
The Comedy Arts Committee makes recommendations and provides feedback on comedic programming at ArtsQuest venues and events. Meets 6 times per year.
Staff liaison: Addyson Young; Chair: Cindy Marsh

Musikfest Advisory Committee:
This committee is responsible for the oversight of Musikfest and its continued sustainability as the nation’s largest free music festival. To that end, this committee will evaluate, review and recommend changes from layout to food vendor selection to logistics that incorporate the latest trends and offer not only diversity but also the kinds of experiences that help to grow revenues year over year in order to support other ArtsQuest programming. The committee also advises, reviews, and implements the recommendations from the various ArtsQuest departments for the overall sustainability and success of the festival.
Staff liaison: Ray Neeb; Chair: Neal Apgar


ArtsQuest Visual Arts Board

This board is responsible for all visual arts programs including glass, ceramics, photography, jewelry, painting, drawing, sculpture, decorative arts, fiber and crafts. For ArtsQuest’s purposes this board is also responsible for public art on all of ArtsQuest’s properties and for visual arts education, as well as the exhibits in any gallery or exhibit space operated by ArtsQuest. Meets 10 times per year.
Staff liaison: Stacie Brennan; Chair: Alicia Hayden

InVision Photo Festival Committee
The InVision Photo Festival Committee is divided into 3 categories; Revenue, Publicity and Programming/Logistics. The committees work together to make sure all opportunities are explored for the successful planning and implementation of the festival and Lehigh Valley Photography Month. Committee members assist the Director of Visual Arts with duties involving the festival. Meetings are held monthly.
Chair & Staff liaison: Stacie Brennan

Exhibition & Gallery Committee
The Gallery Committee is responsible for reviewing portfolios and suggesting and recruiting artists for gallery shows. These shows are at the Banko, Crayola, Corridor galleries in the Banana Factory and the Alvin H. Butz Gallery at SteelStacks. The committee meets as needed usually twice a year to review and help schedule exhibitions.
Staff liaison: Hillary Harper

Ad Hoc Committee
Ad Hoc Committee is responsible for helping the Senior Director of Visual Arts create policies and handle challenges. The committee meets on an "as needed" basis. The committee was instrumental in creating new Resident Artist Policies and Procedures, which outlines term limits for resident artists.
Chair & Artist liaison: Alison Bessesdotter

Resident Artist Review Committee
The RARC is responsible for reviewing potential resident artists as well as reviewing existing artists and determining their status as outlined in the Artist Policies and Procedures term limits. The committee consists of 2 board members, 2 artists and 2 staff members and meets whenever necessary. These members are rotated.
Staff Liaison: Stacie Brennan


Friends of the Levitt Pavilion SteelStacks

As a subsidiary corporation established to operate the Levitt Pavilion in accordance with the national Levitt guidelines, which very much meet the mission of ArtsQuest, this board is responsible for development of the programs at the Levitt Pavilion SteelStacks, in coordination with ArtsQuest; coordinate an outreach component of the program; and assist in the financial support for the Levitt Pavilion. Meets 10 times per year.
Staff liaison: Anne Sturm; Chair: Tim Canfield