ArtsQuest Board of Trustees

The ArtsQuest Board of Trustees is the governing body of the Organization. Consisting of members from our diverse community, the Board is responsible for all of the business, financial, legal and strategic planning aspects of the Organization. While the Program and Subsidiary Boards (Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Friends of Levitt Pavilion SteelStacks, respectively) are responsible for guiding the development and evaluation of programming ArtsQuest. Each Program and Subsidiary Board has a representative on the Trustees to assure that program content is considered as Organization-wide decisions are made.
Chair: Orville Trout; Staff Liaison: Kassie Hilgert


ArtsQuest Board of Trustees Committees

Accessibility Advisory Council
The Accessibility Advisory Council shall serve as a resource to ArtsQuest is to ensure that all individuals, regardless of ability, can fully and equitably access the programs, events, festivals, information and facilities provided by ArtsQuest. The Council will emphasize the commitment to creating an inclusive environment that accommodates the needs of all individuals, regardless of their abilities.
Staff Liaison: Ryan Hill

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advisory Council
The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advisory Council will serve as a resource and support the Organization’s DEI efforts as it relates to Board & Committee Recruitment. The Council will further advise Boards on selection criteria for board and committee members as they relate to DEI and advise and provide guidance on demographic make-up and competency of respective Boards.
Chair: Bob Begliomini; Staff Liaison: Kassie Hilgert

Capital Resources Committee
The Capital Resources Committee assists staff in developing and recommending an organizational approach to capital assets of ArtsQuest (including real estate and persona property) related to the acquisition, disposition, major renovation or maintenance of properties and building owned, leased and managed by ArtsQuest. The Committee also provides feedback, recommendations and prioritization of capital expenditures and assists in developing strategies, in cooperation with senior management, to maximize capital assets and reduce expenses.
Chair: Dave Rabold; Staff Liaison: Steve Ott

Finance & Audit Committee
The Finance & Audit Committee provides financial oversight, monitoring and reporting on the stability and sustainability of ArtsQuest, the ArtsQuest Foundation and the Levitt Pavilion SteelStacks. The Committee also provides overview of related internal controls, risk, ethics and compliance and oversight of internal and independent auditors.
Chair: Mike Vinci; Staff Liaison: Rhonda Gillespie

Governance Committee
The Governance Committee evaluates and makes recommendations for the nomination process for Board and Committee members of ArtsQuest, ArtsQuest Foundation and Levitt Pavilion SteelStacks. In addition, the committee will assist staff liaisons to identify, cultivate and nominate prospective members of the ArtsQuest and Levitt Pavilion SteelStacks Boards and Committees who have the time, talent and treasure to support the mission of the Organization with diversity, equity and inclusion remaining a focus when recruiting members.
Chair: Joe Bergstein; Staff Liaison: Kassie Hilgert

Human Resources Committee
The Human Resources Committee will review and monitor values-based systems and policies to ensure compliance of local, state and federal laws relating to the employees of ArtsQuest, ArtsQuest Foundation and Levitt Pavilion SteelStacks. The Committee will also make recommendations of human resources related policies to create an attractive environment for current and prospective employees, of executive and key management succession planning and of employee compensation and benefits.
Chair: Juliet Vestal; Staff Liaison: Mark Wilson

Information Technology (IT) Committee
The Committee will ensure the IT programs of ArtsQuest, ArtsQuest Foundation and Levitt Pavilion SteelStacks support all business objectives and strategies and provide the appropriate data security and data privacy. The IT Committee will advise senior management on appropriate strategies for investing in IT-related assets and advise on the strategic direction of IT-related matters, giving due consideration to Organizational needs and experience and engagement of all stakeholders.
Chair: Andrea Smith; Staff Liaison: Curt Mosel

Marketing Committee
The Committee will lend marketing expertise to improve the marketing efforts of ArtsQuest, ArtsQuest Foundation and Levitt Pavilion SteelStacks and participate in the development of and identification of new and innovative ways to market the Organization, campaigns, programs and initiatives. The Marketing Committee will provide feedback on marketing strategies and tools, including communication plans, materials, media strategy and social media and further recommend marketing channels that build audiences that are diverse, equitable and inclusive.
Chair: George Wacker; Staff Liaison: Jon Lunger

Public Relations Committee
The Public Relations Committee will provide expertise to effectively communicate the programming and mission of ArtsQuest, ArtsQuest Foundation and Levitt Pavilion SteelStacks and offer feedback to the Organization on public relations initiatives, strategies and tools, including communication plans, materials, media strategy and social media. The Committee will recommend new public relations channels that grow relationships with media partners and build audiences that are diverse, equitable and inclusive and offer feedback on the Organization’s websites as related to public relations.
Chair: Dave Saba; Staff Liaison: Jennifer LoConte

Strategic Planning Committee
The Strategic Planning Committee assists senior management and the Board of Trustees in clarifying and solidifying the purpose and mission of ArtsQuest to operate to benefit the public accordingly. The Committee will assess where the Organization is currently, where it should be within a designated number of years and collaborate with senior management to formulate a Strategic Plan to set forth how to achieve goals based on the Organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The Committee will also assist in identifying risks and challenges facing the Organization by analysis of internal and external environments.
Chair: Ryan Dunn; Staff Liaison: Kassie Hilgert

Volunteer Committee
The Volunteer Committee will assist ArtsQuest, ArtsQuest Foundation and Levitt Pavilion SteelStacks in recruiting, training and recognizing volunteers to ensure a robust, energized community of volunteers that is also diverse, equitable and inclusive. The Committee, within the scope of the Organization will provide safe, family-friendly and respectful experiences at all programs, festivals and events of the Organization.
Chair: Ronda Senior; Staff Liaison: Cory Stevens

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