A Different Kind of Holiday

By Michelle Veresink Richmond, Membership Manager

It’s that time of year again – the time when all of the holidays start to hit. You go from ghosts and goblins straight into pumpkin and turkey, with St. Nick and holiday music sprinkled into the mix earlier and earlier each year.

In the middle of all the parties, the food, and the holidays sales, there is one day that is something totally different. One day to pause and make a choice to do good…Giving Tuesday.

Last year because people like you paused and made donations to ArtsQuest on Giving Tuesday (and all year-long), you:

  • Presented more than 1,206 performances (80% of which were free!)
  • Provided educational experiences for 5,517 students
  • Supported 225 small business owners as vendors & artisans at festivals
  • Inspired 1.8 million people to visit Bethlehem
  • Had an impact of $145 million on our region!

There are so many big problems in the world and many of them require big, overwhelming solutions. But this one is simple…donate. Give.

Donate $1 for every year that you and your spouse have laughed together at a homegrown music festival on a hot summer night. Donate $10 for your father who loved to paint when he was alive. Donate $25 because you have lived to see Bethlehem Steel rise, fall, and be reborn again.

Giving Tuesday is your opportunity to make an impact. You can help your local community in such a big way, even if your gift is small. You can make a difference. You just have to give.

Giving Tuesday is November 27. Donate now!