ArtsQuest Board Of Trustees

The ArtsQuest Board of Trustees is the governing body of the organization. Consisting of up to twenty members from the community, the Board is responsible for all of the business, financial, legal and strategic planning aspects of the organization. While the Program Boards (Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Friends of Levitt Pavilion SteelStacks) are responsible for developing and evaluating the programming for ArtsQuest each Program Board has two representatives on the Trustees to assure that program content is the primary concern as organization wide decisions are made. Ex-officio members include the Mayor of the City of Bethlehem or his designee and the President of ArtsQuest. The Board of Trustees meets monthly, except in August.
Staff liaison: Kassie Hilgert; Chair: James Creedon


Board of Trustee Committees

The following committees report to the Board of Trustees. The staff liaison and chair for 2016 are listed with the committee.

The role of this committee is to annually select the auditor for ArtsQuest and to review and evaluate the audit and the tax returns of the organization prior to presenting to the Board. Meets 2-3 times per year.
Staff liaison: Rhonda Gillespie; Chair: Mark Jobes

This committee assists staff in developing a comprehensive organizational approach to capital assets of the organization (including real estate and personal property). The goal of the committee is to understand future capital replacement needs, as well as new capital needs, and to create an organizational policy to address those needs. Meets 3-4 times per year.
Staff liaison: Ron Unger; Chair: Dave Rabold

This committee is responsible for working with the boards to: establish skill sets needed for prospective board members; identify and cultivate prospective board members; evaluate and make recommendations for the re-nomination of board members at the end of their terms. In addition the Governance Committee is responsible for periodic reviews of the by-laws and policies and procedures to assess for relevancy and standards, recommending changes to the Trustees as appropriate. The committee also monitors the communication capacity and process assuring availability of information to Board members so that they can maximize their participation in the organization. Meets 3-4 times per year.
Staff liaison: Kassie Hilgert; Chair: Vicki Doule’

This committee works with the ArtsQuest Vice President of Human Resources to establish human resources policy for the organization, develop staffing needs, review and recommend staff benefits, and when necessary act as an appeal resource as defined in the policies and procedures. The Human Resources Committee is the primary committee that will develop the organization-wide succession plan. Meets 3-4 times per year.
Staff liaison: Cindy Karchner; Chair: Myrna Rivera

The Marketing Committee has a role in the strategic planning process. The Marketing Committee is engaged in the management of ArtsQuest’s brands and the development of ArtsQuest’s marketing strategies given its broad range of programs and it’s dual mission of access to the arts and economic development. Meets 1st Monday of each month from 4:30 – 6 PM.
Staff liaison: Jon Lunger; Chair: Randy Krail

This committee will have the specific function of being a central clearing house for new programs for the organization that require the resources of several departments and cross multiple programming pillars. Consisting of representatives from the three program boards, staff, community representatives, and chaired by a Trustee. This committee will review proposals for new programming on a set of criteria to be developed, to determine if the program should be offered and if so when and how it should be offered. This committee shall act in an advisory capacity as community representatives of the validation or rejection of potential new programming by assessing the risks to both the mission and staff and financial resources of the organization, the need or necessity, and the audience. The committee will also make recommendations to the Strategic Planning Committee for programs that may require capital or other more extensive resources for incorporation in future strategic plans. Following the advisement of the committee, staff will make the final determination of implementation, manage the program, and report back to the committee on the outcome. Will meet 4-6 times per year.
Staff liaison: Patrick Brogan; Chair: Vicki Doule’

The responsibility of this committee is the development of the three year strategic plan and evaluation and modification of the plan. This committee works with staff to develop an ArtsQuest Program Evaluation Process. The goal is to have a standard format for evaluation of all programs, though not all programs will include all elements, this tool will allow consistency in the organization’s approach to planning and evaluation. In addition, the Strategic Planning Committee will review the current Strategic Plan and recommend alterations and will begin the strategic planning process for the 2017-2019 Plan. Meets 4 to 6 times per year.
Staff liaison: Kassie Hilgert; Chair: Ryan Dunn

This committee is responsible for recruitment, development and engagement of volunteers to support programs of ArtsQuest, including hosting guests at ArtsQuest campuses and providing a variety of support at festivals such as Musikfest, Oktoberfest, Christkindlmarkt & PEEPSFest. Meets monthly.
Staff liaison: Courtney Angle; Chair: Paul Fistner