Cavan Mulligan Introduction


Although originally from right outside New York City, Cavan has spent most of her life living in Phillipsburg. She has Irish Danced her way through most the Lehigh Valley (you may have even seen her perform with her dance school at Musikfest). Through Irish Dance, Cavan’s love of history and culture was sparked at a young age. Much to her siblings’ annoyance, when she got to pick the family outing for the day it was usually a museum or historic site.

This love of history led her to Ithaca College where she studied Art History with a minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies. While at Ithaca, she got involved in the Art History department in whatever way she could including a part time job scanning 35mm slides and digitally restoring them as well as curating an exhibition in the campus art gallery.

Since graduating from Ithaca, Cavan has been working as a retail manager for LOFT. She has been using her arts background to run a social media account for her district and manage the visual merchandising for her store. While she’s grateful for the experience she got working retail, Cavan is excited to get involved with the arts again. When she’s not at work, you can usually find Cavan reading a good book, playing video games with her friends, or trying (and failing) to get pictures of her 2 cats to go viral on Instagram.