Try Something New! Intro Classes in Art, Comedy & Film!

By Ben Youngerman, ArtsQuest Marketing Manager

Emerge from your winter hibernation and learn something new this Spring with comedy classes at SteelStacks, art classes at The Banana Factory Arts Center and film appreciation classes!

Not only will you explore subjects you’ve always wanted to learn while meeting new friends, but the creativity and skills you develop will benefit aspects of your everyday life! Below, we’ve hand-picked the introductory-level courses to start you off on a new path of exciting studies!



Improv 101

Starts 5/6 or 6/7 or 7/1 – Register Here

Improv 101 focuses on the 3 core principles of comedic improvisation: agreement, being active, and justification. We designed our classes to create an energetic and supportive environment for play. Whether you never took the stage before or you’re a seasoned improviser, you’ll get a lot from this class.

Intro to Comedy Writing

Starts 4/14 – Register Here

Intro to Comedy Writing is a six-week class that focuses on writing comedy for non-performance applications like short stories, satire, essays, monologue jokes, desk pieces, and other forms with a focus on getting students to generate ongoing work and create a sample writing packet. Taught by comedian Glen Tickle.



Best Picture Winners

Starts 4/8 – Register Here

The Best Picture Winners course will be a lively discussion of the films in this elite group from the 1st, Wings, to the 89th, Moonlight. What makes a film a Best Picture? Which of the winners have stood the test of time? How has film innovation changed the Academy?

Intro to Film Appreciation

Starts 6/8 – Register Here

Intro to Film Appreciation will examine how meaning and feeling is created via established cinematic techniques, as well as the ongoing innovation of directors, cinematographers, editors and others involved in the creative process.


Photo by Dani Nightlinger

Hot Glass Experiences

First Fridays, Second Sundays & Festivals – Register Here

Start your glass making adventure by doing a Hot Glass Experience. Each month features a different item to make. With the guidance of one of our artists, you’ll work one-on one to create your own glass artwork. Each session takes 20 minutes. Ages 6 and up are welcome.


Starts 4/10- Register Here

tudents will learn how to safely handle and break glass and learn all the skills needed to create your own mosaics.

Discovering Weaving

Starts 5/2 – Register Here

Weaving is one of simplest and most enjoyable ways to begin exploring fiber art. A few simple techniques is all that is needed to make beautiful one-of-kind pieces.

Drawing & Painting

Starts 4/6 or 4/8 – Register Here

Explore various techniques and methods of painting and drawing! This class will instruct students on how to use a variety of materials such as graphite, charcoal, watercolor and acrylics.

Vegetable Storage Basket

4/7 – Register Here

This beautiful, functional basic basket has an unusual shape, with slanted sides, providing a nice way to display and store the vegetables or fruits.

Digital Photography (Adults)

Starts 4/8 – Register Here

In this 6-week course, learn how to use your digital SRL camera to its full potential and have fun too! Each week will focus on a different camera function and photography technique, including basic camera functions and composition, shutter, aperture, program and manual settings, depth of field, white balance, low-light and exposure.

Acrylic Painting – Level 1

Starts 4/9 – Register Here

Take the first step toward creating your own masterpiece. This course is designed to guide students through an exploration of acrylic painting from the observation, color mixing, and perspectives.

Hand Built Pottery

Starts 4/9 – Register Here

This class explores all of the techniques necessary to build ceramic forms without the use of a potter’s wheel. Timeless techniques such as coiling, slab-building, and press-molding.

Flora & Fauna Paper Tiles

Starts 4/10 – Register Here

Celebrate spring and the natural world by creating beautiful and eco-friendly paper tiles featuring plants, leaves, flowers, succulents, insects, birds and more.

Wax Jewelry Carving

Starts 4/12 – Register Here

Create a jewelry design of your choosing using the technique of wax carving and construction. This course covers jewelry design with an emphasis on wax carving and construction and takes you from concept to completion of your own jewelry project.

Introduction to Jewelry Making

Starts 4/14 – Register Here

In this project oriented class, students learn basic use of hand tools, sawing, filing, texturing, soldering, cabochon stone setting, tube setting, finishing and polishing.

Intro to Flame Working Weekend

Starts 4/14 or 5/5 – Register Here

Learn how to transform glass rods and tubes into works of art. Students melt borosilicate glass with an oxy/propane torch to create pendants and other small objects with the molten material. All necessary tools and supplies are provided. Ages 16 and up are welcome.

Discover Printmaking Workshop

4/14-15 – Register Here

Over this two-day Print-A-Thon, students will gain an understanding of the fundamentals of relief printmaking, the oldest method of printing imagery.

Watercolor Painting – Level 1

4/18 – Register Here

Explore the beauty of watercolor painting. Students will learn basic painting techniques and color mixing as well as incorporate pen and ink to create beautiful works of art!

Discovering Photo Encaustics

4/22 – Register Here

Discover how to create mixed media paintings using photography imagery, beeswax, oil pigments, collage and text.

Film & Darkroom Photography

Starts 4/24 – Register Here

Shooting film is an incredible experience for any photographer. Taking the actual photo is only the beginning. This class will help you learn how film cameras work, the types of cameras, lenses, and their applications. Open to individuals 18 or older.

Screen Printing

Starts 4/25 – Register Here

Screen Printing is an artistic process where layers of images are applied to a surface like paper or fabric using a screen and ink to create an amazing finished print.

Introduction to Lightroom

Starts 4/25 – Register Here

Stop searching through the hundred of files looking for a particular photograph! Skip the hours of opening each individual file, and edit whole batches of photos with a single click!

Wine’d Down Workshop: Fluid Acrylics

4/25 – Register Here

Use fluid acrylic paint to create one of a kind, poured painting. A voucher for a glass of wine or beer will be provided to students to get the creative juices flowing! This class is for students aged 21 and older.

Intro to Glassblowing Weekend

Starts 4/28 or 5/19 or 6/23 or 7/14 – Register Here

This fun and educational weekend class is offered as a 6-hour program. Students will create works of art from molten glass in a variety of forms, using solid working and glass blowing techniques. Ages 13 and up are welcome.

Discover Workshop: Paper Marbling

5/6 – Register Here

Marbling is the art of floating and designing watercolors on a base fluid then permanently transferring the design to paper, fabric and other fibrous material.

Intro to Glassblowing

Starts 5/23 – Register Here

Start your glass making experience with an introduction to “Furnace Working”. This fun and educational 4-week class is offered as a 12-hour program. Students will create works of art from molten glass in a variety of forms, using solid working and glass blowing techniques. Ages 13 and up are welcome.

See you in class!