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Greater Lehigh Valley Filmmaker Festival

Frank Banko Alehouse Cinemas
ArtsQuest Center at SteelStacks
101 Founders Way, Bethlehem, PA 18015

The 4th Annual Greater Lehigh Valley Filmmaker Festival will be held November 6-8 at the Frank Banko Alehouse Cinemas. The festival will present several awards to participating filmmakers including Best Feature, Best Short (15 - 50 min.), Best Short (less than 15 min.), Best Commercial-Viral Video, Best TV Pilot-Web Series, Best Documentary and Audience Award. The GLVFF is a juried festival, with the jury consisting of members from the ArtsQuest Cinema Committee. The Audience Award will be determined by audience voting throughout the festival. The announcement of winners will come at the end of Block 5.

"The GLVFF is a yearly reminder that there is filmmaking talent of all ages here in the Lehigh Valley. We were honored to be able to showcase these films and all of the talented people who made them," said Ryan Hill, ArtsQuest Programming Manager in charge of Cinema and Comedy at the end of GLVFF 2013.

The schedule for the festival is as follows – the films are not necessarily listed in the order that they will screen that night. Talkbacks with the directors and/or representatives from each block's films will occur directly after every film in that block has been screened. Admission for each block is $5/$4 ArtsQuest members. Tickets will be available online or by calling 610-332-3378. They will also be available at the ArtsQuest Center Box Office.


BLOCK 1 – Thursday, November 6th at 7:30pm

Just Like We Used To – Suzanne Doran (Allentown) – 87min.
In competition (Best Feature)
A young woman, Isadora, struggles to find a new life as her elderly mother battles dementia.

Lighthouse Lady – Jaccii Farris (Allentown) - 11min.
In competition (Best Short 10-40 min, Best Documentary.)
The old Fairport Harbor West Breakwater Lighthouse in Ohio is the ultimate fixer-upper, and it's threatening to sink its new owner. Sheila Consaul came to Fairport Harbor from Washington, DC with grand plans of restoring the lighthouse and using it for her summer vacation home. One problem: she doesn't know the first thing about restoring such a massive, dilapidated structure, and her lofty missions are off to a rocky start. The bills are piling up and the entire village is anticipating her next movie. The fate of a beloved, but battered landmark is in her hands.

Musings – Jason Prugar (Bethlehem) – 11min.
Based on a short story by author Rebecca Bartlett, Musings is the story of a children's writer at the end of his career looking for one more story he can sell to a publisher and his muse who's trying to push him towards greatness.

Plugged In – Ryan Spence (Allentown) – 3min.
In competition (Best Short <10 min.)
Conceived, choreographed, shot and edited within 48 hours as a part of the 2012 DeSales University screen dance film challenge. A scientist attempts to create the perfect woman only to have his experiment not go according to plan in this blend of film, dance and music.

BLOCK 2 – Friday, November 7th at 7:00pm

Aftershocks- Jaccii Farris (Allentown) - 60min.
In competition (Best Feature, Best Documentary)
Days after a massive earthquake devastates Haiti, filmmakers follow a group of Lehigh Valley Christians to the island nation. This film documents their moments setting up the UN relief camp after the initial crisis and follows through for a year as the team returns to try to rebuild a small community. Bonds of fellowship were formed and friendships were broken in the aftershocks of the worst earthquake Haiti has ever experienced.

Dad is A Little Strange - Chuck Gloman and Ellen Kuhl (Center Valley) – 10min.
A father assumes no suitor is good enough for his eldest daughter. When she brings him a new boyfriend, the father must make sure he passes all of his special tests- with hilarious results.

El Sistema - Phil Osborne (Allentown) – 2min.
Winner: Best Commercial/PR Video
El Sistema is an international non-profit organization that locally operates under the Allentown Symphony. It serves upon privileged youth and strives to eradicate poverty through music, specifically stringed instruments. We were approached to produce a film for them; we thought it best that the kids tell their own story vs the executives.

In the City – Adam Winston (Macungie) – 5min.
It's a musical storybook. A young singer/songwriter has moved to the city to pursue a career in the arts. But she finds herself often dreaming about a past relationship - about the person who was intending to accompany her through this exciting new chapter of her life. The song is her audio letter written to someone she left behind.

Shark Week Follies: The Little Chummer Boy – Marie Guglielmo (Allentown) – 3min.
In competition (Best Web Series)
A poor boy has only a bucket of junk fish to contribute to a shark fishing expedition.

Global Freeze - Jacob Later (Bethlehem) - 7min.
Global Freeze is a humorous look at the real problem of global warming. This short movie is set in the near future, in which North America is covered in mountains of snow and ice for years at a time. The structure is a mock documentary and features interviews with explorers, scientist, and a cast of colorful "everyday people". The movie advances the message that global climate change is a real problem, even while it apparently pokes fun at the subject.

BLOCK 3 – Friday, November 7th at 9:30pm

Beasterday – Spencer Snygg (Allentown) - 83min.
In competition (Best Feature)
This Easter Sunday, the rabbit gets to feast. If you see these rabbit feet, your luck just ran out…hide your eggs! Deep in the woods, there stalks a giant Easter Bunny gone wrong. Unsatisfied with nibbling on grass, he chews on human meat. Rock climbers, hitchhikers, and Nudists alike all end up in his jaws as he devours everyone in his way. Knowing that a flesh eating giant rabbit might affect tourism a bit, the corrupt mayor quietly covers up the deaths hoping to rake in as much cash as he can for Easter Day celebrations. The only people left to save the town are a crazed dog catcher and a wannabe actress.

The White Faced Man - Luke Ramer (Macungie) – 50min.
Draven is a seasoned killer-for-hire who exterminates scum of the world in exchange for his freedom. However, upon discovering his girlfriend is pregnant he decides to quit the business, enraging his ruthless and mysterious Boss. What follows is a shocking chain of events which lead Draven to a showdown with the Grim Reaper himself, a showdown which will determine the ultimate fate of his soul. The White Faced Man is a micro-budget; dark and brutal horrorthrilled which puts a new spin on the Grim Reaper mythology.

BLOCK 4 – Saturday, November 8th at 5:45pm

Allentown: A New Perspective – Phil Osborne (Allentown) – 2min.
In competition (Best Web Series)
The "City without Limits" is visually re-imagined high above the sky in this official tour of Allentown, PA. As the heart of the LV, Allentown enters a new era, defining it as one of the fastest growing cities in America. From the vast park system that sprawls across the city to the historic and modern feel of downtown Hamilton Street, the beauty of Allentown is experienced in a way it never has been before.

Living with the Tiger – Mike Thomas and Roberta Morris Purdee (Easton) – 89min.
In competition (Best Feature, Best Documentary)
Living with the Tiger is an intimate and moving story about a group of HIV infected orphans in Thailand that have been abandoned by society. The story focuses on two of the children over a period of 3 years, and highlights the problems they encounter as they try to reintegrate back into their communities. Despite their traumatic experiences, they embark on the most unlikely of ventures for a group of teenagers from the countryside, a performance in an opera...

Pathways – Lindsay Schaefer & Artists in Unity (Bethlehem) – 3min.
In competition (Best Short <10 min.)
As the leaves change we may sit, reflect, or listen for a voice of new direction. A feeling of loss comes over us as nature may change before us. To discover more within ourselves a new pathway may need to be taken. Through Artists' in Unity's short dance film Pathway a sense of loss is forgotten. As dance, nature, original score, and film collaborate and emerge as one you will be taken to another place where endless possibilities are in front of you with just one step.

Shark Week Follies: The Conch Who Stole Shark Week – Marie Guglielmo (Allentown) – 3 min.
In competition (Best Web Series)
A jealous mollusk seeks to subvert Shark week.

Tigers in the Soup – William Prystauk (Easton) – 4min.
In competition (Best Short <10 min.)
Sabrina has little patience for her mother's boyfriend, Tommy. However, when she realizes that her father did not get her mother a birthday card Sabrina finds thoughtfulness and love in Tommy's self made card. Now, she must choose if she will finally give her new family to the opportunity to thrive.

BLOCK 5 – Saturday, November 8th at 8:30pm

Bethlehem from Above - Phil Osborne (Allentown) – 2min.
In competition (Best Web Series)
The intimate and inviting spirit throughout Bethlehem righteously dons it the nickname, "The Christmas City". It's sort of got that feeling of downtown coolness with a touch of uptown class. Chock-full of arts and culture, Bethlehem is home to Musikfest, ArtsQuest and the Sands Casino Resort. Whether one is looking for casual strolls along quiet streets or amazing collegiate and historical architecture, there are plenty of opportunities to indulge the cultural curiosity. Capturing the city we love in its most epic moments...from above.

Evolve – Ryan Spence (Allentown) – 4min.
In competition (Best Short <10 min.)
Conceived, choreographed, shot and edited within 48 hours as a part of the 2013 DeSales Universty screen dance film challenge. A dancer explores a new way of moving through an unexpected encounter in the blend of film, dance and music.

Mayo Girl – Jaccii Farris (Allentown) – 14min.
In competition (Best Short 10-40 min.)
She's smart, successful and attractive. So why is Sophie such a flop in the romance department? Because she's also mastered the art of playing it safe. In fact, Sophie is as predictable as her lunchtime staple. Her best friend, Jill, isn't shy about sharing her feelings on the issues and hatched a plan to help Sophie land a man.

Particles II – Dave Meyers (Bethlehem) – 14min.
In competition (Best Short 10-40 min.)
Particles II is a film about the fluidity of life into dream state, nightmares and the notion of
inevitable death. (The second of a three part series)

S.T.E.M. Education & Technology: A Philly Snapshot – Sumitha Ramesh (Colmar) – 23min.
In competition (Best Short 10-40 min.)
This documentary features how Philadelphia teachers and organizations help guide young students through math, science and new technology. It examines how school going children in the Philly region connect with STEM (science, engineering, technology and math) related curriculum in and outside school and the steps that can be taken by schools and other organizations to get more students interested and pursue opportunities in this area. It also highlights how technology can play a positive key role in this process.

The Collector – Chuck Gloman (Center Valley) - 9min.
In competition (Best Short <10 min.)
Every time a young woman looks at a faded vintage photograph, she is transported to that time. Slowly, she becomes obsessed with the woman in the photograph unable to exist in this time


2013 Winners

Best Feature: The Backyard Philly Project

Amanda Danziger (Allentown)

Best Documentary: The Backyard Philly Project 

Amanda Danziger (Allentown)

Best Short (15-50min): The First Four 

Meghan Barwick, Laura Casale, Liana Prodorutti & Nadia Sasso (Bethlehem/Lehigh University)

Best Short (Under 15min): Painted Love 

John General (Hackettstown) 

Best Web Series: The Flighty Ducks

Dan Maher (Bethlehem)

Honorable Mention, Documentary: Pulling Teeth 

Jennifer Suwak & Steve Abruzzese (Bangor)

Audience Award: April Grace 

Andrew Hutcheson (Washington)


2012 Winners

Best Feature: Wallowitch & Ross: This Moment

Richard Morris (Bethlehem)

Best Short (15-50min): Doorman 

Collin Kornfeind (Slatington)

Best Short (Under 15min): Please Kill Me Again 

Spencer Snygg (Allentown) 

Best Web Series: The Flighty Ducks

Dan Maher (Bethlehem)

Honorable Mention (by the Jury): A Cure

Matthew Herbertz (Center Valley)

Audience Award: The Super List

Adam Winston (Macungie)



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