Oktoberfest presented by Yuengling

Free admission for 2014!

2014 Oktoberfest presented by Yuengling

October 3-5 & 10-12

Fridays: 5-11pm
Saturdays: 12-11pm
Sundays: 12-8pm



Friday, October 4

Lou Franco Project
5:30 - 9:30pm | FestHalle Tent
Philadelphia native Lou Franco takes the word "virtuoso" to a whole new level with his classic rock influenced guitar stylings.

Billy Bauer Band
6 - 9pm | PNC Plaza
With a sound like the Goo Goo Dolls and Dave Matthews Band, this group has opened for Uncle Kracker and O.A.R.

8 - 12pm | Musikfest Cafe presented by Yuengling
UUU exploded onto the music scene in the 1990s, and they continue to play a wide variety of pop, disco and party music with a ton of charisma and authority.

Saturday, October 5

Bud Hundenski & the Corsairs
3 - 6:30pm | FestHalle Tent
Polish American Eastern-style polkas.

GTV Almrausch
4:30-5pm, 6:30-7pm, and 8:30-9pm | FestHalle Tent
Traditional folk dance popular in the Alpine regions of Bavaria and Austria..

The Flamin' Caucasians
7 - 10pm | FestHalle Tent
Playing a consistently busy schedule of club dates, private parties and special events since 1983, the Flamin' Caucasians' performances are now tighter and more exciting than ever!

Friday's Child
12 - 3pm | PNC Plaza
Friday's Child is a New Jersey-based rock band that formed in the late 1990s.

3:30 - 7pm | PNC Plaza
Formed in 2006, Butterjive is an upbeat instrumental quintet that thrives on improvisation and groove in a live atmosphere.

Craig Thatcher and Nyke van Wyk
7:30 - 10pm | PNC Plaza
Internationally recognized Craig Thatcher combines with experimental violinist Nyke van Wyk to create an impressive performance of rock and blues blended with original tunes.

Good Time Charlie
5 - 8pm | Musikfest Cafe presented by Yuengling
Good Time Charlie is guaranteed to turn the party up with its fun mix of blues and rock.

Philadelphia Funk Authority
8:30 - 12pm | Musikfest Cafe presented by Yuengling
Local favorite performing soul, R&B, funk and dance music from the past 40 years.

Sunday, October 6

The Fabulous Greaseband
5 - 8pm | FestHalle Tent
A 7-member band that provides a highly entertaining and energetic take on the best dance songs ever written.

Joe Stanky and the Cadets
12 - 2pm | PNC Plaza
Versatile and exciting polka music with a little rock 'n' roll as well as country.

2:30 - 4:30pm | PNC Plaza
MXA is a 4-piece band that covers a wide array of different musical genres, from classic and alternative rock all the way to pop and rap with a unique spin.

Call Your Mama
5 - 8pm | PNC Plaza
This 7-member band covers a wide variety of pop/rock and dance music.

Friday, October 11

Mr. Echo
5:30 - 9:30pm | FestHalle Tent
A tribute to '60s/'70s classic rock. Led by former members of M80 (Bob Lewis) and Lessen One (Jay Cortazzo), this band has the magnetism and talent that recall the charisma and excitement of The Stones and Zeppelin and other pop rock classic greats.

The Whiskeyhickon Boys
6 - 9pm | PNC Plaza
The WhiskeyHickon Boys have a unique sound that fuses folk, bluegrass, rockabilly and hip-hop with a splash of funk blended together creating a musical cocktail they call "Gangsta Folk."

Nakked Soul
7 - 8:30pm | Musikfest Cafe presented by Yuengling
The Lehigh Valley's hottest new R&B and funk band.

The Aardvarks
9 - 12pm | Musikfest Cafe presented by Yuengling
A high-energy local favorite that assures a good time with an extensive catalog of covers and original material.

Saturday, October 12

Fritz's Polka Band
3 - 6:30pm | FestHalle Tent
Jagermeister-sponsored Fritz's Polka Band plays everything from modern-style polka to country to rock and even blues, resulting in an eclectic mix of musical styles.

United German Hungarian Schuhplattlers
4:30-5pm, 6:30-7pm, and 8:30-9pm | FestHalle Tent
Traditional folk dance popular in the Alpine regions of Bavaria and Austria..

She Said Sunday
7 - 10pm | FestHalle Tent
Winner of 11 Lehigh Valley Music Awards, including BEST COVER BAND, 2009 and 2010! They play all of your favorite songs from the '70s, '80s, '90s and today...from Tone Loc to Meatloaf to Lady Gaga and everyone in between.

Tavern Tan
12 - 3pm | PNC Plaza
Members of Tavern Tan have played at gun clubs, European festivals, New York studios and opened for Van Morrison, John Lee Hooker and more. This is the sound of original roots rock 'n' roll!

The Hillbilly Souls
3:30 - 6:30pm | PNC Plaza
"Scott Marshall and The Hillbilly Souls are pretty much a simplified and finely distilled 3-5pc. award winning act, with an Appalachia feel that Scott only plays his Acoustic Guitars in, and the banjo and mandolin are no strangers to. Instead of a collision, it's more like a hayride with a couple wild horses pullin' the wagon!"

Common Bond
7 - 10pm | PNC Plaza
Common Bond entertains with a blend of hits from the '60s to the present including disco, R&B, Motown and Swing.

Truth and Soul
5 - 8pm | Musikfest Cafe presented by Yuengling
This talented group continues to entertain audiences everywhere with its unique selection of songs from the classic music of the '70s through today's current hits.

Igor and the Red Elvises
8:30 - 12pm | Musikfest Cafe presented by Yuengling
Siberian surf "rokenrol" that has been conquering the hearts of screaming fans all over the world for more than 15 years.

Sunday, October 13

12 - 2:30pm | FestHalle Tent
A group of three polka pros from New York City.

Universal Funk Order
5:30 - 8pm | FestHalle Tent
Universal Funk Order is a 7-piece band that takes the perfect mix of sounds from all sides of the spectrum and twists it with originality and spunk.

Waitin on a Train
12 - 2:30pm | PNC Plaza
This unique sounding band churns out original and traditional tunes with an unbridled approach. The group's catchy rhythms are mostly traditional Appalachian Mountain-influenced. Their style is genuine, their hearts are pure and their sound is fresh.

Moondog Medicine Show
3 - 5:30pm | PNC Plaza
Maryland rockin' blues and funk band that has earned accolades from Big Brother and the Holding Company.

Sarah Ayers Band
6 - 8pm | PNC Plaza
Incredibly tight, funky rhythm section fronted by a powerhouse female vocalist who will knock you off your feet.

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